Who We Are

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We aim to help individuals consciously adopt a healthier lifestyle by providing natural alternatives


In a society where artificial is the default, we aim to normalise the use of pure and organic resources for the body and mind


At Eden Green, we take it back to the source. We believe nature holds some of the best answers for health issues of today

Our Ingredients

| Nature's Best |

Our ingredients are 100% natural - straight from the source


| Quality Source | 

Our ingredients are responsibly-sourced from reputable suppliers


| Nothing Artificial | 

We rely on the natural properties of our ingredients to preserve the life of the products, while botanical extracts and essential oils are the source of  the fragrances

Our Service

At Eden Green, we believe in giving our customers an enjoyable and stress-free experience


Whether it's a one-off purchase, or a bulk order for your special occasion, we strive to cater to your requirements


To discuss how we can best serve your needs, please contact us today at